Where’s My Pony: A small case of unworthiness?

fucking ponyWhere’s my pony is a frequent adoptee complaint.  Weren’t ponies part of the adoption deal?

I never had one, nor to the best of my knowledge. was  I ever promised one.

But I could have had something better:  A T-bird. A pink T-bird.

I was a late learner.  When everybody else was getting their driver’s licence and driving around town,  I wanted to stay home and read or watch TV or something. I’m really not sure what.   My parents actually begged me to learn. to drive.  They paid for AAA lessons.I never finished them.

In exasperation, my dad finally promised  to buy me a brand new Thurderbird if I got my license

I refused.

I dug in my heels so deep,  in fact that I didn’t learn to drive  until I was 30.  And then you couldn’t keep me off the road–especially to NYC and WDC.  What in the world had I been thinking?

Is this an adoptee thing, to just refuse something really cool. To prefer to suffer instead?  If so, turning down a brand new T-Bird  takes adoptee unworthiness to a new low Or maybe I was just contentious.

I dunno.


Adoptee unworthy?

Currently I don’t have a car because I can’t afford one.  I deserve one\. I am worthy. Please consider a donation.

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I have to go to Kentucky this morning for a job and don’t know how late Ill be returning.  I may have to return to the same site the next morning, too.  If so, I’ll be in no mood to write something later tonight.  So this is short today.



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