Today’s Pravda has an update on the case of murdered Russian adoptee, Viktor Matthey, born Viktor Sergievich Tulimov and adopted from the Amur Region of Siberia. As you may recall, in 2000, 7-year old Viktor, who had been in the US for 10 months, died of cardiac arrest due to hypothermia after adoptive parents Robert and Brenda Matthey, whose history of child abuse was revealed during their trial, locked him overnight in a damp unheated pump room. He also suffered over 40 cuts, scrapes, bruises and untreated fractures. Robert Matthey admitted beating Viktor with an aluminum baseball bat, a belt, 2 whips, and his open hand.

Though there is not much new information in the article, we learn that Viktor’s paternal adoptive grandmother, Phyllis Matthey-Johnson, who testified against her son and daughter-in law in court, has finally been allowed to adopt Viktor’s twin brothers Volodya and Zhenya, now 12, first adopted by Mattheys. A Catholic, Matthey-Johnson, according to the article, denounced her born again Pentecostal son saying she “could not understand people who combine faith with whips.” The article says that the Matthey’s four biological sons (some now adults) were put under the guardianship of the family’s Pentecostal pastor, KM Szicrek.

No word if anybody checked up on them. According to Pravda, the four children “hate” their grandmother. There is no indication in other articles, however, that this is the case, especially since the older ones testified to the abusive treatment Viktor and his brothers underwent at the hands of the Mattheys.

For more information on Viktor and other murdered Russian adoptees go to Forever Family, Forever Dead linked above under Vitya’s name. Of special interest is The Short Life of Viktor Matthey linked under his segment in that blog. Also check the sidebar to the right under “dead Russian adoptees” for comments on other Russian cases.

Nikto ne zabyt – Nichto ne zabyto


  1. I am Viktor’ grandmother and adoptive
    mother of his twin brothers, James and Jeziah (now 19 and named Johnson). I have written a book about Viktor’s tragic story and wondered if I could use some quote somethings from your stories, with proper credit of course.

    You can reach me by email.

    Thank You.

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