For Ohio Adoptees and Parents: Ohio Right to Life PAC Endorsements

For more than 15 years, Ohio Right to Life has been  the chief opponent of the restoration of the right of all Ohio adoptees to access their own original birth certificates  For ORTL, adoption is the loving option; adoptees aren’t.

Ohio Right to Life PAC,  has published its list of endorsements for the March 5, 2012 Ohio primary. . The endorsements are for contested seats only. Since endorsement lists sometimes disappear from webpages after elections, I’m posting the list below for the record. .Incumbents are in italics.If you are in Ohio and any of these candidates are on your ballot, don’t let them get in the door.  For those who are in the door, give them your personal boot.

1.  Ohio has been redistricted and some incumbents may currently represent a district other than what they are now running in.

2. Some incumbents may be term limited and are now running for the opposite house.
.     Ohio Right to Life PAC Endorsements for the March 6, 2012 Primary Election

Ohio Senate Endorsements

  • Republican State Representative Randy Gardner – Senate District 2
  • Republican State Senator Peggy Lehner (Honor Roll Status) – Senate District 6
  • Republican State Representative Joe Uecker (Honor Roll Status) – Senate District 14
  • Republican Candidate Paul Hall – Senate District 14
  • Republican State Senator Jim Hughes – Senate District 16
  • Republican State Senator Tom Patton – Senate District 24
Ohio House of Representatives Endorsements
  • Republican State Representative Peter Stautberg – House District 27
  • Republican Candidate Mike Wilson – House District 28
  • Republican Candidate Lou Blessing, III – House District 29 
  • Democratic Candidate Terry Tranter – House District 31
  • Democratic Candidate Daniel Troy – House District 60
  • Republican Candidate Randy Law – House District 64
  • Republican Candidate John Becker – House District 65
  • Republican Candidate Doug Green – House District 66
  • Republican Candidate Rick Herron- House District 66
  • Republican Candidate Nick Owens – House District 66
  • Republican State Representative Andrew Brenner – House District 67
  • Republican State Representative Margaret Ruhl – House District 68
  • Republican Candidate Rick Perales – House District 73
  • Republican Candidate Ron Hood – House District 78
  • Republican Candidate Monty Lobb – House District 78
  • Republican State Representative John Adams – House District 85
  • Republican State Representative Jeffrey McClain – House District 87

If you’re in House District 78, watch out for Monty Lobb. A few years ago he was Ken Blackwell’s shadowy chief of staff and mini-me. I wrote about him here: Ohio Christian Alliance: Ohio Asst. Sec. of State Monty Lobb and “Swiftboat” Jerry Corsi to Raise Money for Re-formed Christian Coalition of Ohio.

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