As I wrote previously, on October 15 I’ll be part of the informal Meet the Bloggers panel and cocktail reception at the upcoming Adoption Ethics and Accountability conference in Arlington, VA. When I began blogging 2 1/2 years ago there were only a handful of us. Now cyberspace is over-run with snoopy, mouthy, dissatisfied adoption victims and consumers sticking the feet of The Masters of Adoption not only to the fire, but in the fire. Adoptabloggers should be proud to know that we are the only ones consistently speaking truth to industry power. You don’t expect adoption slavering MSM to, do you? Which reminds me…have you noticed that since the passing of Dr. Pierce the Axis of Evil doesn’t blog? But then they lack a certain grasp on reality. And…hmmm…. irony…and humor…and outrage. What in the world would they say anyway? “Give me your white, your middle class, your fuzzy-wuzzy illego baybees that we may cleanse them..and you…with the healing power of adoption? And while you’re being cleaned up, ignore those loud-mouthed bastards who think they have rights. The only right they have is the right to be grateful!” The beneficiaries of hierarchical largesse are always ungrateful.

The line-up posted below is outstanding. I am thrilled to be part of a group that includes FauxClaud; BBAS ass-kicker Elizabeth Case, whom I have admired and corresponded with for years; Harlow Monkey’s Jae Ran Kim; and fellow Bastard National Mirah Riben. It may be dangerous to put us all in one room. Why, we may sip down too many chocolate martinis and march over to the NCFA office in nearby Alexandria and chain ourselves to their railing.

Besides just hanging out for cocktails we’ll be able to interview conference attendees and blog on-site. I wonder what Massachusetts ABC founder Joyce Pavao has to say about the Massachusetts Black List or how the Joint Council justifies sitting on its hands over Masha Allen? (Where IS Masha, by the way?) Inquiring bloggers want to know!

Here is the final blogger roster. You can read more about them here.

Suz Bednarz Writing My Wrongs
Elizabeth Case Beware of
Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy Musings of the Lame
Marley Greiner The Daily Bastardette
Jennifer Hemsley Great Wall China Adoption Nightmare
Jae Ran Kim Harlow’s Monkey
David Kruchkow The Adoption Agency Checklist
Margie Perscheid Third Mom
Mirah Riben
Family Preservation
Desiree Smolin and Usha Regenchary Smerdon
Fleas Biting


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