Election Day 2010: Adoptee Wins and Losses

Well, the votes are in and the ballots are counted. We have mostly bad news, but a little bit of good news, too.

Good News: Our friend Bobbi Beavers, in her third try, was elected to the Maine House (Dem: Elliot, South Berwick) Congratulations Bobbi!
Bobbi who led OBC for ME to victory can be contacted at [email protected]

Bad News: Unfortunately, our other Maine friend, Craig Hickman (Dem: Reidfield, Winthrop) lost his race, but created a positive people-centered campaign. You can read Craig gracious statement on the race on his Hickman in the House blog:

…I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, your well-wishes, and your votes. I couldn’t have made such an impression on the people of this district without your help.

We ran the best campaign this district has ever seen and we have done a big part to change the conversation…

Contact Craig at [email protected]

Dave Lenkowski (Rep Chicago) went down in a good and honorable fight. Sneaky Sara, apparently scared of even having an opponent, much less an honest one, pulled out some dirty tricks. I hope to write about this later this month, but am working on getting more documentation right now. If I can’t access it, I’ll write about what I have.

Dave picked up nearly 31% of the vote, good for a first-timer up against the the Chicago/Feigenholtz Machine.
Tonight Dave posted on FB page:
Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts throughout this journey, & congrats to my opponent, & all the winners last night. We always knew this was an uphill battle in this area, but I’m proud of the campaign we ran – an honest, issues-driven race from start to finish. There are certainly some positives here. For one, nobody living between Elm and Lawrence has to see me at a bus stop again for quite some time 🙂

I know some of you supported Dave in words, deed, and money. Please take a moment to send him a note of thanks. [email protected]

Finally, Norm Davis (Rep Champagne-Urbana) took about 37% of the vote losing to anti- adoptee incumbent and Feigenholtz crony Naomi Jackobbson. Davis has not ruled out a replay next time:
I’m disappointed with the results, but I have to bow to the will of the people, that they have said that what the people of Champagne-Urbana want is higher taxes and no control on spending. But we will keep an eye on what’s going on in the state Legislature.”
Davis is at [email protected]

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  1. It was a sad election day in Illinois where Sneaky Sara beat Dave Lenkowski and Nasty Naomi beat Norm Davis. BUT we have two years to endure.

    I have no idea if we can get either winning candidate to change their views and restore a civil right to ALL IL adoptees. Short of tar and feathering them until they do the right thing, we need to think of what we might be able to do. How much power does Malicious Melisha hold over them? I have no idea but there is something rotten with adoption reform when it goes backward instead of forward. Of couse we do have some among the adoption community who believe in baby steps and that it is okay to leave some behind as long as some get their OBC.

    We will never all agree but it is a shame to not treat all adopted adults equally.

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