Donaldson posts additional opposition to Florida HB357/SB576

On October 31, 2017, The Donaldson Adoption Institute posted addition comments on Facebook about its opposition to HB357/SB576. The Adoption Institute, along with 21 other organizations. signed a joint statement of opposition to the bills.  Below is the Donaldson Facebook addition:

DAI is proud to join with a diverse group of adoptees, organizations, birthparents, adoptive parents, professionals and allies who support equal rights for all adult adoptees to express opposition to Florida HB 357, introduced by Rep. Richard Stark, and its companion, SB 576:
“While we appreciate the desire of the sponsor and the proponents to expand adoptee access in Florida, HB 357/SB 576 is not the right vehicle. We therefore respectfully issue this joint statement of opposition, call on Rep. Stark to withdraw the proposed legislation, and request that he work with Florida adoptees and adoptee rights organizations to introduce a true adoptee rights bill, as he has previously (HB 257), with a public commitment to keep the legislation clean moving forward. Such legislation will simply restore to all adult adoptees in Florida the unrestricted right to obtain an unredacted and unaltered copy of their original”.

Read the full letter at…/Florida-joint-letter-Oc…
Adopted people deserve access to their vital records just like everyone else. Join DAI and our allies in advocating equality for adopted people.

If your organization signed the joint statement and you posted additional comments or sent an organizational letter to the House Quality Health Subcommittee or sponsors let me know, and I will post those statements.

Everyone: please continue to voice your opposition to anti-adoptee legislation in Florida. Go to BN’s Action Alert to the House Quality Subcommittee and write or call. A Senate Action Alert will be released shortly.

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