Demons of Adoption Ballot: 2012.

 The nominations are in!

So many demons!

Only one can win!

 The nominees for this year’s edition of Demons of Adoption  are:

  • The Christian Post: for running several mind bendingly biased articles about intercountry adoption;
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute: for giving their seal of approval to persons and organizations that promote the interests of the adoption industry and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress;
  • Celebrate Children International: for being the agency behind numerous illegal adoptions, and the agency of record for the stolen child Fernanda;
  • Oxygen Network: for producing the absolutely horrendous show “I’m Having Their Baby.” Tasteless, manipulative, coercive, and intrusive into the lives of vulnerable women trying to cope with an unplanned pregnancy;
  • Adam Pertman: for claiming to be a critic of the adoption system, while at the same time promoting the interest of the adoption industry;
  • Martin Narey: for trying to speed up adoptions and make it easier to adopt, and suggesting women who want to abort should abandon;
  • Adoption Assistance, Inc. and World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP): for their role in the adoption travesty featuring Artem Justin Hansen (Artem Saveliev) and his so-called “permanent placement” with “forever mom”, Torry Hansen, infamous Adoptive mother who returned her problem-child back to Russia like a pair of unwanted shoes;
  • U.S. State Department: for their show-boating role in adoption regulation reform talks with Russia this year. Despite all appearances, the DOS has zero power when it comes to enforcing regulations established between the two signatories;
  • Larry S. Jenkins: for his involvement in nearly every case where father’s rights were violated;
  • The United States House of Representatives: for fast-tracking H.R. 1464: North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2011; This bill in effect by-passes the limited safe-guards that are in place in international adoption, to bring North Korean children to the US for adoption.;
  • Nancy Verrier: for her untested and untestable theory. It creates nothing but weepy distraction in the legitimate battle against adoption secrecy, corruption, and coercion;
  • South Korea: for having the longest running international adoption program in the world; for not giving adequate support to single mothers. 

For more information and to vote go here!

Happy voting!.

PS  I admit it . I nominated Adam Pertman

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