2 Replies to “A Girl Like Her scheduled for Columbus in November”

  1. The book should have been written earlier, when the selfish hypocritical parents of the girls were still alive. They should have ashamed of themselves for abandoning their grandchildren.
    I guess they loved public opinion more than their grandchildren and daughters.
    I heard that 2/3’s of surrendering mothers came from abusive homes in the first place. That is why they didn’t give a damn about how their daughters were abused during labor. I bet you if those crazy puritanical families saw what happened, they would probably praise the lord instead of defending their daughters. Middle class whites were cowards and hypocrites back then. Hypocrites because the parents of the girls had pre martial sex also. It is a 95% chance they did. They didn’t get caught.
    The doctors and nurses were freaks who get a certain sexual pleasure abusing the girls because they new their parents were cowards who didn’t care for them. The nurses were infertile, and the doctors were probably woman haters and abusers. Did you know that doctors have the highest rate of wife abuse?

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