Attention Illinois Original Birth Certificate Rejects! Act Now!

If you were adopted in Illinois and your request for your original birth certificate under that state’s new Feigenholtz Folly obc “access” law (HB 5428) has been turned down, then Mary Fuller is looking for you!

Mary writes:

I’ve started compiling a list of those who have been rejected an OBC or to register with IARMIE. (Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange.) Please email me if you fall into this category.

This is a result of someone contacting me who has been told he can’t register with IARMIE because he is a grandson. I’m too young myself although my birth mother is deceased and died shortly after the Registry went into effect. I fear that Sara and Melisha’s new law has left out too many folks. There was a big rush to get the bill through so those of us who could have been of help were shut out.

You can read Mary’s latest blog about Illinois here. Note that although Mary is a grandmother, and her first mother is dead, she is not yet old enough and thus responsible enough to qualify for her own birth certificate–despite what Feigenholtz says to to the contrary on her own webpage.

Contact Mary a t[email protected]. (fixed as per Mary’s correction in comments)

Addenda: After this blog went up, Anita Field published her own thoughts on the new law, here:

All these wasted years just make me sick. I’m holding this single piece of paper that was supposed to be locked away from me forever and I find it impossible to understand why 64 years had to go by before some adoptees in Illinois could even begin requesting and receiving their own birth certificate, unconditionally. What’s the big deal about this one piece of paper? Life goes on without any fuss in the progressive states where original birth certificates are routinely issued to any adoptees, upon request.

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3 Replies to “Attention Illinois Original Birth Certificate Rejects! Act Now!”

  1. Imo as an adoptee the word “reject” kinda makes me cringe.

    I don’t think for a moment adoptees ever need to feel rejected because their identities have been sealed by their unethical governments.

    Discriminated against, yes, but rejected, no.

  2. The word “reject” is very specific here. It refers to those who have applied for their obc under Feigenholtz’s new “access” law are consequently rejected for any number of reasons. The bill is being pimped as an “access” law when it is not.

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