Bastard Nation Needs Your Help Now! Urgent! Funds needed to emergency webpage repair. BN Swag and donations. Every dollar counts.


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Bastard Nation needs your help today!

As some of you know, Bastard Nation previously collected membership dues, which along with donations and in-kind assistance covered organizational expenses.. About 10 years ago, we decided to forgo dues, since expenses were not great and there wasn’t a lot going on legislatively.  That’s changed in the last 3-4 years, and unfortunately, costs and demands have increased. We now need your help.

The Bastard Nation webpage, up since 1997, is down. After investigation, we learned that we had some type of malware malfunction. We have had to move to a new hosting site and need to pay for the recovery and transfer of the files. We need $800 to cover this cost

Bastard Swag

To get the website back up and running, the Bastard Boutique is throwing a summer sale of books, cards, jewelry and other Bastardly delights.  We are also taking donations. Bastard Swag is fun. It’s  educational. It spreads the message of adoptee equality wherever you take–or wear– it. Wear your BN-T shirt proudly to the mall, the beach, the symphony, your family reunion.   Wear it to the state capital this Fall this coming session. We have also marked down prices on postcards, mugs, and other branded swag.  Quantities are limited!


Bastard Nation welcomes donations of any size. Although we are a non-profit, we are  a 501(4)(c) and donations are not tax deductible.

Who will benefit

For 21 years the Bastard Nation website has been the go-to Internet site for adoptee rights activists, adoption reform advocate, and the press–all of which will benefit by it’s return.

What the funds will be used for

The funds will be used to cover the cost of the new hosting site and the recovery and transfer of files. Anything received beyond that cost will go toward other Bastard Nation expenses including legislative activities.  (NOTE Bastard Nation is an all-volunteer organization and none of our staff receives a salary).

When are the funds needed

We need to get the page back up and updated Immediately to gear up for Fall organizing and action. Thank you!

For swag and donations go to:

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