Bastard Nation in Slate

Yippie!  Bastard Nation got a nice and extensive plug yesterday in Slate::   Luke  Marci and Me:  After 34 years the Internet gave me a sister I’d never known.  in which writer Luke O’Neil recounts the discovery of his sister, he knew about, but had remained illusive.

Luke discusses BN and sealed records about mid-way through the first page.

 Comments are mainly good, but contain a number of expected snarks in two categories.

(1)  It’s a Pandora’s box.  You’re better off not knowing

(2)  Searching betrays adoptive parents.

I’ll  be commenting  there later today.

Thanks, Luke!

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  1. Thanks for posting. I would have missed the Slate article. Yes, always good to see a reference to BN, especially as the author gets the adoptee civil rights issue. It is frustrating so many comments are the same old, same old crap.

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