Bastardette will be gone for a few days, attending the Alliance for the Study of Adoption, Identity and Kinship Conference at the University of Tampa. Between adventures in illicit sex, sips of absinthe and voluminous tears over the baybee pulled from her arms by impersonal forces of history so many years ago–no scratch that last one–she has been busy writing and tearing apart and tweaking her panel presentation: “Where We Came From: The Natural Mother in Adoption Film.” She has unhappily come to the conclusion that her expertise in feminist film theory is sadly lacking. Consequently, she is girding up for the slings and arrows of the English Department. Gaze, desire, multiplicity, sign, muteness, register, the body–what ever happened to plain old communication?

If ya’ll behave, she may put the paper up here after the conference, though that means she’ll have to go back and footnote everything and prove what she’s talking about.

In the meantime, go to your local library (Blockbuster most likely won’t have these films) and pick up Forbidden, That Certain Woman, The Great Lie, or A Summer Place and kick back. And don’t forget a hanky!!


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