JeruselamDoes anyone know about the adoptee rights movement in Israel? I didn’t know there was one until tonight when I found this video –Israeli Adoptees in own voices– on YouTube. It’s all in Hebrew, but I’m guessing by the graphics (inlcuding the use of the Origins logo) that records or the treatment of bastards in some other way is problematic. This article in the May 31, 2007 Haaretz Searching for Alma, about Rony David Schwartz’s search for his first mother, doesn’t mention anything about records access, but Schwartz had his mother’s name all along. There’s an email addy with the video and I ithink I’ll follow through on this.



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  1. hi there

    this could be the hardest time of the year, but i know exactly how many people care

    my cousin lives in of these christians that care and are fair..

    she screws up big time with her life and morals…but SHE gets to KEEP HER BABY!!

    yeah..just guess what happened to MINE…then on the holidaze when we are all stuck together in a big sinking baby stealing atmosphere, she prances around being all patronizing and condescending around ME!!! missionary, christian church preachy people , yanno..doesnt do any good whatsoever to try to REASON or COMMUNICATE with these “people” ; unfortunately i wasnt raised in the “bible barns” like they were; unfortunately, i am probably not even going to send that christmas card; with a picture of a cute lil puppy that says: “bitch” on it; (like, thankyou cousin, for claiming you are a christian, but always giving me the indirect message that you are BETTER than me ) someday, and i think it might be very soon, that i will finally be able to send her a letter, with my thots and feelings ( never written a letter to AFRICA before, the thot sounds exciting) ..

    it must be sort of a human nature type thing, for “family” to talk amongst themselves, enjoying their OWN KIDS that THEY got to keep, exchanging pics and fun things, doing things together, then , they exchange snobby , snotty , negative, inaccurate thots and feelings about other family members, like me, “birthmothers” who, according to THEM, NEEDED to lose THEIR babies, and refuse to even think or consider what we go thru at the holidaze and at these “family” get togethers with all these kids around…

    once i tried to TELL this one person in my “family” my feelings, that , no thankyou, i would rather not go to YOUR baby shower, and THIS is how i feel, when i am around you and your baby that you got so much HELP to KEEP, it BOTHERS ME, and i need have someone acknowledge that and understand it…

    well…they got all uppety and defensive..and made a point of rubbing it in…

    case closed, i guess

    close tight.

    and they all wonder why the adoption subject has so many activists fighting against adoption abuse ; i could get really sarcastic and market a bottle with brite red pills and label it:

    validation and acknowledgement for birthmothers…

    only one pill daily needed


    free only to those in pain with suffering

    those who laff or sneer are subject to citizens arrest

  2. written words:
    when we were given up for adoption
    we could not speak
    today/now, we cannot continue
    to be silent
    today/now, we are seeking to pave the way
    to our biological identity.
    Today we stand up and demand
    equal rights for all adoptees.
    We demand that “Child Protective Services”
    directives/recommendations for Adoption Laws
    and enable Adoptees to examine the adoption records.
    We demand that they allow us full and equal access
    to medical history and information about our biological identity and genealogy/heritage.
    {Since we truly believe we are right} we cry out and demand that you cease to deny
    adoptees their basic rights of liberty, freedom of choice,
    dignity, and identity.

    If you would only agree to listen.

    signs in picture of protesters towards the very end:
    top: after everything, now, we can finally tell you what is “our best interests”
    bottom left with tree: genealogy
    second from left(small sign) who am I?
    3rd from left access to medical information
    right most: equal rights for Adoptees

    Also, from whence have you come,
    and where are you going?
    also where did this start,
    and where will all this lead?
    Search in your heart for
    the melodies of the heart
    the root of your soul
    what it is you love.

    See the blessing,
    listen to the voices

    there is much more to the song,
    and I would be happy to translate it,
    if you want, but these are the first few lines.

    devo (will send you my email, if you point
    me to yr email on yr blog)

  3. Hi Marley, the originsl logo in that youtube video is from our Origins Canada support group. If you need further info let me know.
    Hope you have a Great Christmas. Here in brisbane Queensland it is very hot humid and stormy and we are having a seafood and salad Christmas lunch on the deck.
    [email protected]

  4. I really should have elaborated. I’m wondering who controls access i Israel. The government, social services. My understanding is that only Orthodox can adopt. Is that true? Is there secular adoption? Again, thanks for taking the time to translate. That was very kind!

  5. my unscientific non-survey would indicate that secular adopt more than Orthodox.
    you may be thinking about conversion issues, which are newer, and separate from adoption procedures (kinda).
    i am american, not Israeli – I don’t know a whole lot about the ins and outs, but i will say
    1. adoption is pretty hard there
    2. infertility treatments are completely covered by national health, at least up to 40, (and sometimes past),up to two live children, for single and gay women also. there are non-profit fertility clinics that also help people who have more than two children. people start trying to have kids at younger ages (not making comments on causes of fertility!just saying). this might alleviate some of the pressure for adopting.
    devo, who is not trying to be tactless with the lingo, and hopes she is not succeeding either

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