I’m working on a couple things, but in the meantime, here’s some new blog entries from our partners in crime you might find interesting:

Musings of the Lame. Claud is back Yes, that’s right! Our beloved Claud has returned to the keyboard after a way too-long hiatus. Bonus: we can now watch at our leisure Montel’s how can-I-get-me-a-baybee meltdown moment with Claud. It’s right up there with the adoptaTV classics, The Dr. Laura Love Fest with Ron Morgan, Troy Dunn and Bill Pierce and the Brian Willilams Show with Joe Soll driving Bill Pierce off the set of a live broadcast. “Tell the truth, Bill! Tell the truth!” Unfortunately, the latter two are no longer on line, though I have hard copy transcript of the Bill’s humiliation.

Mia’s Saving Grace. Christopher Durang wrote a neat little one act, The Actor’s Nightmare. Mia has posted her own special adoptee nightmare, simply called, Nightmare.” It starts:

The ancient office chair I am sitting on is hard and uncomfortable. I keep switching positions uncomfortably. The woman sitting behind the desk has a stoic and drawn look to her face. She is frowning intently and her eyes seem to be boring holes so deep into my chest that I can actually feel it stinging my soul. She disapproves. I feel like a robber holding up my own bank.

The Rights of Adoptees. Mary Fuller posts several entries on the trials and travails of Illinois Elves delivering All I Want for Christmas is my OBC letters to the post office through wind and rain and sleet and snow. And they also got some important and needed media coverage.

Fumbling Towards Divinity. Craig Hickman defines style…and a lot AdoptionLand. Craig’s blog is the place where politics, literature, art, and fine food, wine…and adoption… meet. Craig always makes me feel the world really is a good place. I don’t visit it enough.

Almost Home. From Rhonda’s Ruminations.’ Rhonda comes a wonderful new blog about the coolest, cutest rescue dogs and cat’s you’ll ever see And each one has a story. My kitties are jealous.


  1. I should have added: the link came through my google alerts, but the story is apparently pretty old – goes back to 2007. Apologies if you have posted about it already.

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