Washington HB2211 is NOT Oregon Ballot Initiative 58!

I’ve got a lot to say about what’s going on in Washington State. Unfortunately, I’m very backed up tonight, with among other things-updating Bastard Nation’s opposition testimony.

In the meantime, though, please go over here and leave your opinion about some grossly inaccurate information spreading the bill.

To make a long story short (which I’ll be making long, of course, in my blog) HB 2211 passed the House on Saturday.  The bill, which already expanded the Disclosure Veto, now has been amended to create a tiered system of DVs. One set of timeframe rules for one group of adoptees; a second set for another group.  Just how legalistic and lunatic can these guys get?

Now, HB 2211 is being compared to Oregon’s clean law with no vetoes, no restrictions, no conditions.

Please go over here and let your opinion be heard.  HB22211 is anti-adoptee and anti-adoptee rights.

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  1. I am a Seattle adoptee with a contact veto through C.I. efforts, AND reunited~ without the States *help*.
    Please keep updating about what we can do to stop this bill. Open Records for ALL- some is not good enough.
    Thank you

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