Tasmanian senator Helen Polley has written to federal and state-attorney generals pushing no-questions asked, anonymous baby dumping throughout the country. The Australian press reports that Polley would designate police stations and community centers as drop-off points

Incredibly Polley says, (emphasis mine)

“Safe Havens secure a baby’s physical well-being and offer support to their mother.”

Who’s her target group?:

“These new parents may be scared, may have financial concerns or they may have a mental illness.”

Nothing like recruiting the poor and incompetent.


  1. So, tell us, you brilliant Aussies, how leaving a baby ANONYMOUSLY offers support to the anonymous mother who has just taken off in her scooter driven by her mentally incompetent BF?

  2. Good question, Lorraine. I see this as the adoption industry trying to regain a foothold in Oz and using this clueless representative to do so. It is sick and sad and has no real bearing on helping mothers and their babies.

  3. Sadly, Diane Wellfare, lost her last fight this past April. She and other Australian mothers fought to pretty much STOP adoption in their country.

    I had heard that there was a small fraction of adoptions taking place there now.

    This just opens another “avenue” for those who just want a baby any baby.

    As far as mothers being financially and mentally incapable to raise a baby that is their own flesh and blood, they should look long and hard at those who adopt are they capable?

    Many of those same problems plague people that adopt so why are they always placed in a different catergory?

    Issues of mental healthy should be evaluated VERY closely they probably have more than the average as they DON’T deal with infertility issues before baby shopping.

    So often overlooked because they have some money to buy a baby.

  4. To Lorraine : Um that is pretty insulting so tell us you brilliant aussies to say that on ONE womans comments, a woman I might add that is more to do with work and unions and has no real knowledge of this area. Do you know where Tasmania is ? its the little part of Australia that is down the bottom separated by water!!!

    Her voice is nothing to worry about.

    And if you note the article also said

    “Safe havens already operate in the US and Japan, and Senator Polley said there was no evidence to support claims they had led to more abandonments.

    But she conceded there had been instances in Japan and the US where mothers had used safe havens to relinquish their disabled newborns.”

    Even she can see that it has huge flaws. Safe haven dumping just isnt going to happen here. We’re not that stupid ! Despite one woman flapping her gums about it.

    But I believe there needs to be SOMETHING in place where people can get help, rather than leaving their newborn to die.

    Whether it be that they go to the hospital and if they are unable for whatever reason to care for their child that they get some assistance to do so for a period of time…I dont know what the solution is , Safe havens are not the answer but neither is birthing your baby in a alley and leaving it to die in a dumpster

  5. Just about everybody thought SH wouldn’t happen here, either, and they did. In 1999, Bastard Nation was the first to take the threat seriously. Once the idea gains traction it’s impossible to stop it Certain SH players have strong ties in Australia, so you need to be very diligent. This is i a worldwide movement. Outside of the US it has great support amongst liberals, Greens, socialists, and feminists who think it’s a matter of protectin women from domestic and male violence. Conservatives tend to object. In the US, SH receives support from both sides as both a safety net for women in allegegly dangerous situations and as an anti-abortion measure.Next to nobody cares about best practice, child welfare, and identity rights.

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