Two recommended bloggers: Patrice Ripley and Maureen McCauley Evans

bloggingMy friend Patrice Ripley has started blogging again with The Happy Housewife. Don’t let the title fool you. She’s not trying to teach you how to clean your sink  with candle wax or make crepe suzettes from kitchen scraps. Patrice is addressing with delightful militancy,  hardcore issues such as sealed records and the danger federal laws such as Real-ID endanger and impact the rights of adopted people   In conjunction with her latest blog, It’s Time for Adoptees to Get All Anarchist, Up the Heat…. Patrice has put out an internet call for adoptees suffering from Late Amended Birth Certificate Issuance  Syndrome causing them an inability to receive passports, Social Security benefits,and even jobs:

I am looking to connect with American adoptees that have amended birth certificates that show an issue date of three years or more after their date of birth, and/or no actual certificate number . These pieces of paper are non compliant with the real ID act and can cause real problems with gaining or retaining employment , or retaining or being issued a passport under the new e-verify system. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in a public forum. This is something that access to OBC’s can and will eliminate. IF the government will not rectify this particular situation, then the demand should be that the government provide this portion of the population with at minimum a living wage benefit scenario that includes healthcare , much like disability or SSI.

For the record Bastard Nation and I have repeatedly argued in testimony, blogs, and discussions the legal disabilities regarding hinky  ABCs, Real-Id, and other government attacks on Class Bastard. (here and here.) Strangely enough I’ve seen little discussion of this from the deform side that still focuses on Primal Wound, PDTD, and killer adoptees..  My piece on passports is here.

Contact Patrice at jimpfamily@gmail

Another blog to watch out for is Maureen McCauley Evans’ Light of Days Stories, which takes a critical look at international adoption and CHIFF.  Her latest  blog, Alleged Child Smuggling Comes to Light in DRC, Amid Hopes of Avoiding “A Media Storm” takes on the recent report  of Congolese child-smuggling-to-American-adopters:

There has been, for months, a highly publicized, highly vocal campaign by families affected by the DRC decision to suspend granting of exit permits. The campaign has been led by Both Ends Burning, which has been aggressive in its lobbying to get the DRC to change its position and allow the children to leave. BEB may be the adoption lobbying group now urging discretion about the attempt to smuggle children out of the DRC. BEB’s silence now is almost puzzling, not condemning the smuggling or even acknowledging it on their web page.

I like to think of Maureen as our anti-Katy Jay, only Maureen is a nice person and knows what she’s talking about.

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2 Replies to “Two recommended bloggers: Patrice Ripley and Maureen McCauley Evans”

  1. Maureen McAuley Evans is at the top of the list of despised “Adoptocrats” that you so often describe in previous Blogs. McAuley Evans is a wealthy, white adoptive woman who has purchased multiple African children on the international adoption market, a past Executive Director of the notorious Joint Council on International Children’s Services, and ardent supporter of international adoption.

    WTF are you doing endorsing her Blog?

    • Peter, you are coming across as white elitist snob. You were removed from a private activist list due to your unpleasant threatening comments recently; thus losing credibility with a lot of people, including myself. This is not 1990. It’s the 21st century. There is no reason to insult and degrade someone for something she may have done years ago. WTF is wrong with YOU?

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