#flipthescript: a few thoughts

flip the scriptHere it is, nearly the end of November, and this is my first post for both National Adoption Awareness Month (who needs to be made aware of adoption?) and more importantly #flipthescript the international campaign instigated by and for adoptees to tell their personal experiences and truths about adoption, usurping MSM’s fictitious November win-win-win stories..In other words,  #flipthescript through mainly social media, tactically subverts the traditional cotton candy and unicorn adoption industry narrative and places a new narrative smack in the middle where it belongs: with Class Bastard, the object of adoption  industry unicornism–and profit. Each of our stories are important. One does not have to have had a “bad adoption”  (I didn’t) to slay the unicorn.

 I’ve been flipping the script for the 21 years I’ve been on the Internet. Many of us, in fact, have been flipping the switch for decades (and some flipping out in general) over the continued attempt to silence the Bastard Voice. (For example see CHIFF mouthpiece Katy Jay’s comments on Twitter  and her blog regarding  #flipthescript and other comments calling adult adoptees  (particularly transnational and transracial) adoptees) “racist,’  ‘”anti-Semitic” and purveyors of “hate speech” for opposing her white savior-centered globalist adoption agenda.

The #flipthescript campaign is a welcome addition to the adoptee rights movement, but it is sad, alarming, and well…crazy that after 60 years of adoptee rights agitation Class Bastard still has to fight for the simple “right” of voice, while the US adoption spammer and its special interests loudmouths its way across the universe continuing to grind out adoption-ready bastards, fractured  families, and Big Secrets and Lies for profit.

Here in Columbus the big story has been Carri Stearns’ battle against 2014 Demons of Adoption Awards winner Adoption by Gentle Care for the return of her son Camden. I plan to write about that soon. But Carri and Gentle Care are only emblematic of the the broken, bottom-feeding US adoption and foster care systems (private and public) that commodify family crisis and tragedy for profit.

I’m working on my own #$flipthescript pieces, but they aren’t ready yet.  In the meanwhile, later tonight (probably) I’m posting The Bastard Nation Moment? by Bastard Nation co-founder Damsel Plum.  First published in 1998, it is a sad reminder that not that much has changed. A few more states have made our OBCs available to us with no conditions;while many more have tossed out favors of restricted access.  Adoptees are still “different.” still scary, and still subject to legal and social stigma..


I apologize for not writing the last 2 months.  My job picked up hours, and I was just too exhausted most days to write anything. It’s physically dibilitating and sometimes I’d sleep 12-16 hours after coming home. 90% of our business goes away between mid-November and the first of the year, so I hope to catch up on a lot of stuff.


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