The B List: Bastardette’s Adoption Playlist

playlistWriter Suzanne Gilbert (Tapioca Fire)  posted her  playlist of adoption  search and reunion songs on Facebook today and asked if anyone else had their own.  Looking around tonight for something to write about, I thought I’d glom off her idea. My  songs, though, aren’t particularly about search and reunion but about adoption in general–how I’ve thought about and reacted to adoption over the last four decades. What affected me once, doesn’t necessarily affect me now, but when I hear it I think: a-ha adoption!

Here we go:

          • She’s Leaving Home, The Beatles.
          • Policy of Truth, Depeche Mode
          • Clean, Depeche Mode
          • Mother and Child Reunion, Paul Simon
          • Hurt, Nine Inch Nails
          • Ballad of a Thin Man, Bob Dylan
          • Forest, System of a Down
          • The Do-Rights, William Burroughs
          • Wasteland, Per Ubu
          • The Foundling (entire CD), Mary Gauthier

Now, here are some musical inspirations. They can be about adoption if I want them to be:

            • Home InvasionHome Invasion – Body Count/Ice T –  The entire CD. I listened to this and virtually nothing else in the 6 months I was organizing Bastard Nation’s 1999 shut down of The National Council for Adoption.  Ice T will always inspire me and I go to him frequently.

For obvious reasons:

            • Bastard Nation, Bastard Nation
            • Bastard Nation, Overkill
            • Bastard Nation Repined, Satrycon

and, of course,

We’re All Going to Hell,the Bastard Fairies



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  1. God, I remember the birth of Bastard Nation. I remember the online adoption community in the 90’s- what a time that was! I’ve been in pursuit of my right to a genetic ancestral lineage for the last 35 years, and as an adoptee of a dead adoptee, the fight for OBC is a whole other ballgame. I’d have little problem with adoption if it wasn’t so damn dehumanizing. I didn’t spend much time online with the adoption peeps in the 90’s but my pursuit has caused me to turn to the online community to maybe learn a trick or two that will help me. It made me smile to see Bastard Nation alive and well- like a warm blanket. My adoption thing is about principle and justice, so before I resign myself to being the quiet adoptee doing the DNA test, I got to make a BIG noise first. Here’s my song…

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