The current government considers all USians terrorists unless proven otherwise. Intimidation, once the entertainment of the petty thug, the unregulated police, and the 3rd world dictator, is now institutionalized as a legitimate activity of the US government against the people—all in the name of “security.” Airport gulags, metal detectors, checkpoints in public buildings, bizarre dress codes in schools, drug tests, free speech zones, no fly lists, library snooping, snitch sites, warrantless wire tapping and email reading, press pens, infiltration of political, social, and justice movements, embedded reporters, phony press conferences, the militarization of the police, and taser mania come to mind. Welcome to the United States of Paranoia. Lizard Chronicles today has a very important blog for all of us who value free speech, free thought, and political dissent: Democracy is a VERB. As LC points out, “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” can affect all of us. Yes, adoptee rights activists, organizations, searchers,—and even bloggers–could be targeted as terrorists if this Draconian proposal passes. (It’s now in the Senate; the House passed it nearly unanimously) About 3 years ago in my own state, under the regime of evangelical Christian Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, “Ohio Homeland Security” Continue Reading →