HuffPo Continues to Censor Bastardette: TRAs aren’t all happy dappy!

I’m working on some Russian updates. What were once simple and straightforward reviews of cases have turned into tales of Tolstoyan proportion. Meanwhile, yesterday I was censored again by Huffington Post. This time over daring to suggest that international adoption isn’t white bread. My comments came under Adam Pertman’s new blog entry, Lessons in Adoption from BJ Lifton, Harvard, and Oprah. I’ll post some comments on that in a separate blog and try to get it on HuffPo as well, but I may be expelled to the Bad Bastard’s corner unless I limit myself to commentary on Kim Kardasian, Melissa Etheridge, and the decline of the American Left. Part of my comment to HuffPo was cross-posted to Facebook, but due to size restrictions FB won’t carry the whole thing. Left off were comments from the Transracial Abductee site that I included. Here’s how it played out. Poster Jack Grissom wrote in part: One of the issues people bring up is adopted children being raised by parents that are of a different biological ethnic background than their own. All I can say is, I don’t think that I’ve ever heard an adult who was adopted as a child wish that they Continue Reading →