ALISON LARKIN: The English American –Buy It Now!

Good news from adoptee comedienne/actress Alison Larkin! Her novel The English American will hit the bookstores on March 4. Based on her 1-woman show of the same name, the book has picked up lots of pre-publication interest. Alison performed the English American at the 2003 Bastard Nation conference in New Orleans and I saw an abbreviated performance at the 2004 Kansas AAC. The English American is fresh, funny, and timely…the perfect bastard pick-me-up! It’s a wonderful exploration of the absurditiy of the adoptee experience, personal and politically. The publicity it’s already receiving in the national media should open minds. Alison is an important adoptee voice. Support her and The English American. Get the word out…and buy the book. Amazon is offering a pre-publication sale. (see below) Bastardette just ordered hers. BTW, I have some great pics of Alison from KC. I need to find and scan them and I’ll put them up here In the meantime, here are some “official” photos. Below is a press release from Alison with details.FROM ALISON LARKIN: Dear fellow adoptees, birth mothers, adoptive parents, adoption professionals and friends, I am thrilled to finally be able to let you know that my novel The English American Continue Reading →