Bleating behind their Yankee co-religionists at UConn (see previous blog) the “editorial board” of the University of North Carolina Daily Tar Heel, in a misnamed editorial, Adopt a New Law, has decided that the clean records access bill (and here) currently under debate in the NC legislature, is “fundamentally unfair to birth mothers.” No mention is made that the state’s sealed records law in place since the 1940s is “fundamentally unfair” to adopted people. Of course, not. The “editorial board” considers us all perpetual, and petulant children undeserving of being treated the same as the non-adopted–whom Bastardette presumes they are: In North Carolina, the birth certificates of children given up for adoption are sealed and cannot be retrieved by adopted children later in life…. We sympathize with adopted children… Adopted children, by searching out their biological parents… …the state should find other ways to contact birth parents besides releasing their identities to the adopted child. …If birth parents whose children already have been adopted under the previous law wish to allow their children’s birth certificates… I haven’t followed the North Carolina campaign as I should, but I am pretty sure that North Carolina Coalition for Adoption Reform chair Roberta McDonald Continue Reading →