The editorial board of the UConn Daily Campus decided it knows what first moms want. Yesterday it weighed in the April 13 defeat in the Connecticut General Assembly Judiciary of a bill that would have granted birth certificate access to adoptees 21 and older born on or after October 1, 2008. Yeah, that’s right. Prospective. 2029. This bill was a “response” to last year’s bill vetoed by Gov. Jodi “first grandma” Rell which was also prospective. The usual hand wringing applied. The Daily Campus editorial board, sounding as if it were writing with the pickle it was collectively weaned on, called adopted adults “adopted children” 4 times. I guess that’s an improvement. About 11 years ago the Chicago Trib’s Bruce Dold used that abomination something like 16 times in a 500 word op-ed when he went flakey over a records access bill Anyway, the best part of the Daily Campus’s jaunty little editorial, was the board’s paranoiac projection of first moms. Women are weak, ya know! Visions of rape and incest break danced in their heads: “a woman who becomes pregnant as a result, and elects to have a child, should not have to relive the tragedy 21 years later Continue Reading →