Lifetime Adoptions: A short mediation in two parts on “surrender” and ‘trust”

Right out the barn door, Ms Featherstone plays with language (again) throwing out to us the weird idea that a “private adoption plan.” is some kind of secret adoption plan. Now there is such a thing as “private adoption.” It’s the most common form of infant adoption where a parent(s) voluntary places an infant for adoption and choses adoptive parents through an agency, lawyer, or locates a family on their own. Obviously, then , a “private adoption” unless one tries to bypass law and ethics and stage a fake illegal adoption*, is a “normal” adoption. If we accept the looney equation of pregnancy secrets and “private adoption” as defined by Ms Featherstone, then what in the world is a “public adoption plan.” A paid ad in a newspaper announcing your intent to “surrender?” TikTik? Continue Reading →