Bastardette has lately been remiss in stomping on everybody’s favorite corporate adoption shill, the National Council for Adoption. Since I’m leaving town for a few days to attend my high school class reunion (Yes, I actually graduated from high school, but in the bottom third of my class. I was too busy tending my primal wound and snooping through closets looking for my identity to tend to algebra), I thought I’d leave you with this. NCFA’s new PR flack: Rodney Huey. Yes, this picture is for real. Before joining NCFA’s crack team of baybee broker busybodies, Mr. Huey was the VP of PR for Feld Entertaiment, that is… at Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows… that is…the circus. (He is also the former VP of Communications at NPR!) Two years ago he received his doctorate in Cultural Studies from George Mason. His dissertation, “The Social Construction of the American Circus Clown,” focuses on how clowns are made and their role in society. (This is actually a great topic. I worked in theatre for 15 years. I should know!) Rodney says: I would see the audience laughing and going crazy when the clowns came on, and it made me start Continue Reading →