Bastard Nation Submitted Comments on proposed draft language of The Unregulated Transfers of Adopted Children Act – December 4-5, 2020 discussion

I cannot stress this enough: “sending” and “receiving” parties involved in unregulated rehoming unlike those who have no intention to sever their parental rights but find themselves in need of temporary custody arrangements, do not follow a “child’s-best-interest standard. Neither “sender” nor ”receiver” are well-intentioned. Please stop acting like they are. Adoptive parents who rehome their “forever children” without regard to ethics or law no longer want the parental responsibility they signed up for and were approved for by social workers and courts. Those who receive these inconvenient children utilize the black/gray market do so for “adoption” (note the quotes), sex trade, or servitude. Each party trolls social media, underground networks, Craig’s List, and other advertising sources, seeking matches often with the assistance of paid third parties. Unregulated custody transfer is a nice name for child trafficking. Continue Reading →