No Original Birth Certificate? No Passport! The National Security State Begns to Flush our Right to…Everthing

The birth certificate is the most political and politicized public document issued by a government entity in the United States today. It is the “breeder document” that generates all other government and private documents of identity and entitlement. Since the government has positioned itself as the arbiter and creator of identity, bestowing upon each of us the legitimacy of our existence, we cannot function in a “normal” way for long without it. What were once  routine activities everyone could enjoy, are now mediated by a piece of government paper issued to us its discretion.. For instance, without a government-approved birth certificate or documents engendered by it, a child can’t enter school, attend camp, or even play Little League; adults can’t marry, acquire security clearances, collect private and government pensions, access government programs, open a bank account, acquire employment, rent an apartment or buy a home, fly to Seattle or Fort Worth, enter certain public and private buildings, or legally drive a car. And certainly one cannot travel internationally, even to the once easily accessibly Canada and Mexico, without a passport or pass, which cannot be acquired without …a birth certificate. Starting April 1, 2011, the US Department of State changed Continue Reading →