Bastardette has a long-standing love affair with Ontario. As a very young Bastard she was an occasional visitor to Sarnia (especially Scot’s Department Store) and when she grew up she spent a substantial amount of time with a gang of Ontario party-heartiers out of the Chrysler-Windsor plant and Point Pelee via the historic Goose Lake Festival. The former Mr. Bastardette (Mr. Bastard to you) lives in Revelstoke, British Columbia now with his third wife, so I shall reserve my opinion of that province for another day. (r: Bastardette with a potential Mr. Bastard 2, French-Canadian hunk”Carribou.”) It has therefore been quite disappointing to see Ontario take the lead in North American bastard-baiting-hating and incessant fear mongering over the right to access. The government of Ontario, represented by its wacky “Privacy Minister” Ann Cavoukian, has spent an inordinate amount of time and taxpayer money educating Ontarians to the dangers presented by the province’s Adopted Class. From claiming that some of Ontario’s first parents would commit suicide if The Adopted were to be treated identical to the Not Adopted–vis a vis allowed to own their own birth certificates under Bill 183–to accusing them of trying to shut her up, Miss Cavoukian has Continue Reading →


Bastardette received a post this morning from her favorite adoptee activist and shit kicker, Ron Morgan, director of the Adoptee Rights Organzing Project in San Francisco and organizer of the “notorious” Honk if You’re My Daddy event at Studio City in LA last January. Referring to Bastardette’s The Great White North Snows Adoptees, (see below) Ron brings up excellent points regarding the ethical implications of Mr. Anonymous Adopter’s secrets and shame letter and Member Klees’s reading of it into the record. Since when should personal pathology be elevated to public policy? With Ron’s permission I am posting the entire letter below. —– Original Message —–From: “Ron Morgan” Sent: Thursday, May 05, :32 PMSubject: ] Appalling testimony in Ontario Legislative Assembly > Hello everyone,>> I’m writing tonight to bring your attention to testimony read into> the record during a debate in the Legislative Assembly of> Ontario, Canada, over a bill that would change regulations> regarding access to adoption records.>> Personally, I don’t support the bill in question, neither does> Assembly Member Klees, who introduced the letter into the> record. However, I find the letter deeply troubling. Here is the> URL for the portion of the debate that contains the letter:> http://www.ontla.on.ca/hansard/house_debates/38_parl/Session> Continue Reading →