James Lane for NYC Public Advocate: Vote for one of us. This is how we win

I don’t live in NYC, but if I did I’d vote for James Lane on Tuesday. James is the Green  Party candidate for New York Public Advocate,  He is also an LDA (Late Discovery Adoptee) who learned in his early 20s that he was adopted, but  that under New York law, he was  prohibited from getting information about his biological family or his adoption. Being barred from accessing his own birth records propelled James into  lifelong social justice activism  for adoptees and others; From James’ campaign webpage: From that moment, his fight for justice through political activism formally began, with the hope that laws such as denying a person’s right to know about their origins will be removed from our society forever. James has been active in adoptee rights movement for years. I can vouche for that! He won’t remember this, but we ran into each twice, once at an AAC conference a few years ago and again in 2011 at  the Times Square  Hard Rock Cafe.  Ramping up activism to electoral politics, James has made  the restoration of OBC access  the centerpiece of his Public Advocate campaign (with election reform especially involving third parties and re-allocation of tax money “back Continue Reading →