Maternity Girl #2 was apprehended yesterday in Chicago while, according to newspaper accounts, she visited her grandmother. A neighborhood snitch spotted her and called the cops. After the arrest her mother agreed to voluntarily extradition to Utah and MG2 is now in the Utah County Slate Canyon Detention Center. Police say the 17-year old is in “good health.” It’s unknown if she had her baby, and if she did, what happened to it. Should we be surprised? You might recall that at the time of the Great Escape, the maternity home owner didn’t know how far along his prisoners were. (Please somebody tell me that this guy is under investigation!) The articles are short and it is unclear about what transpired with our girls over the last 3 months. Perhaps we’ll see expanded coverage tomorrow. At least we know that MG2 made her way home. She was safe and taken care of by at least one family member who cared enough about her and her baby to protect her from the Utah totalists and their baybee spammer. She was not living on the street or some other unpleasant environment that we feared. Of course, one can’t help but wonder if Continue Reading →