Election Update: Illinois and Maine

ILLINOISDave Lenkowski continues to run a clean and apparently scary-to-Feigenholtz campaign. Chicago Business reports in Heavy hitters hit Illinois, mayoral news, and an election omen? Finally, with Democratic candidates all over the state running scared, some are taking notable steps to protect themselves. Like my state rep, North Side Democrat Sara Feigenholtz, who in some years doesn’t even have an opponent. Ms. Feigenholtz is one of Springfield’s experts on social-welfare spending and chairs the House Human Services Appropriations Committee. But she has a flyer out talking about how, as a former small-business owner, she “knows we need to create more business opportunities and put a stop to business as usual in Springfield.” The back side of the flyer pictures a bunch of boys, giggling and gossiping about a girl in the foreground. The caption: “Sara Feigenholtz didn’t go to Springfield to make friends. She’s there taking on the old boys’ club.” (Bastardette Note: Sara has been in Springfield for 16 years. She IS “business as usual!”) Right. For whatever it’s worth, Ms. Feigenholtz’s opponent is a fresh-faced history teacher named Dave Lenkowski. He actually has a campaign going, stressing that he’ll be “fiscally responsible and socially moderate.” But nowhere on Continue Reading →