NaBloPoMoing Through Adoption 2012

Against my better judgement, I’ve signed on for November 2012 open topic NaBloPoMo .   That is I’ll post a blog every day–in this case for National Adoption Awareness Month–for the month of November. I say better judgement, because since I’ve been forced back into the workforce, I have limited time to do much of anything but work and sleep.  My work schedule is not normal. One day I start at 3 AM and work until whenever the job is done; the next day I start at 9 PM and work until 2  AM.  It’s reaked havoc on sleep, eating, and anything normal people do. All for half of  the hourly rate I made when I left the Ohio State Univeresity 14 years ago–and working half the hours. I’m not going to write about the job other than to say that as a “professional” inventory counter, I’ve got a great view of the decline of America via consumer culture and goods. Did you know that Hanes now makes underwear in Haiti? And don’t get me started on party stores, Ollie’s, and worst of all–Victoria’s Secret panty tables.  . ****** But I digress… National Adoption Awareness Month is the creature of Continue Reading →