“If there had only been a baby box…” Musings on the Marygrace Trinidad Case

The case is getting play with the baby box folks, who are convinced if there had only been a handy hole-in-the-wall baby box, the story would have had a happy ending. (Translation: Trinidad could have picked the baby out of the toilet, dropped him in a baby box, and then courageously bled out alone behind Pep Boys blameless, shameless. and nameless.) Not surprisingly, Baby Boxers turned the tragic story of a mentally disturbed woman and her baby into an anti-abortion cause celebre showing an appalling ignorance about newborn discard, mental illness, poverty, and abortion, peppered with Christian vitriol against the very women in “crisis pregnancies” they claim to want to “help.” All to pimp their boxes and their politics. So much for the “love them both” approach. Continue Reading →