Bastard Nation Letter to Louisiana Senate Judiciary: Kill HB 1028

I have read the bill and its amendments several times, and frankly don’t see how this restores the right to anything for anyone. Registries, redactions, birthparent consents! They all continue to infantaize, degrade, and insult adopted adults who simply want a state-generated and held- document that records their birth information. A document that any non-adopted Louisianan can get for the asking and a small fee.

HB 1028, in fact, will make it more difficult for the state’s adoptees to obtain their OBCs and information about their pre-adoptive lives than it already is. As states throughout the country move to restore OBC access, Louisiana should not be making attempts, no matter how well intentioned, to make access more difficult. Continue Reading →

UPDATE. Bastard Nation Action Alert: Stop Louisiana HB 1028 from being heard in the Senate

It is basically a registry that now has automatic redactions, further restrictions on access and is based on the premise that one can get their OBC only if their parent has contacted the registry, joined it (hoops and hoops) and given their consent for release. If only one parent contacts and gives consent, then the other parent is automatically redacted. A parent can deny access completely and can redact. I could go on but it is just awful. Continue Reading →