NAM/NAAM Day 29: Crazy Claim: Safe Haven Baby Boxes Lower Infant Mortality Rates. Stats Show Differently

According to this report, Znachko made the most astounding claim during the ceremony:

“I believe that it is the number one initiative that we have to battle infant mortality in the state of Indiana and across our country. Even though it’s a privately funded device, it is the private sector and the public sector coming together to battle this really important issue,” Continue Reading →

Safe Haven Baby Boxes: Get out of the way! It’s a birthday party!

Znachko, famously at least for me, likes to say weird things in public. Things that anyone attuned to authentic adoptee experience instead of romantic adoption agitprop,  even if they believed it, would keep their trap shut about for fear of walking away with a bloody nose.  When she speaks at baby box blessings, for instance, she refers to the day a baby is boxed up and left behind, as “a birthday party waiting to happen.”  Continue Reading →