Update: Keith Humphrey Election Results

Keith Humphrey, the candidate for the Kansas State Senate who was attacked by the state GOP for his adoptee(lite) status, was defeated Tuesday   9622 -8538.  Humphrey, a decorated Navy veteran and small business owner,  was a solid candidate, endorsed by the Wirtcha Eagle, the Kansas AFL-CIO, District 70 Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Kansas Families for Education. and other organizations. Humphrey made the “mistake” of running a clean and positive campaign. The Republican accusation that he was hiding something through his adoptive name change is even more whack  considering that Kansas governor, Christian reconstructionist Sam Brownback has adopted two children from China and has claimed publicly that adoption is a pathway to salvation. (I have a video of his prolonged adoption testimony taped at a Call rally in Washington about 10 years ago. It is not available online.) No doubt Brownback’s adoptees got themselves adopted to lead a Maoist  takeover of the Kansas statehouse.25 years in the future.. The creepy mailer was not the first personal attack  Republicans  made on Humphrey this year.  In June, four days after Humphrey filed to run for the senate,  a Republican operative with ties to the Brownback administration, Continue Reading →

Kansas: Adoptee Attacked by Political Opponent for Being Adopted

I’ve written both in OBC access testimony and blogs about  my concern that  due to Draconian measures such as Real-ID and proposed passport regulations  bastards without original birth certificates are in danger of losing the right to run for public office and even to vote (among other rights.). Without that all-important ‘breeder document’–and yes, that’s what birth certificates are called —it is nearly impossible  to establish all other identity documents and entitlements.  It hasn’t come to banning adoptees from running for office or voting  yet,  but… an  adoptee running for office in Kansas has fallen victim to dirty tricks over his adoption and his “secret past.”. Monday the Huffington Post reported that  the Kansas Republican Party recently sent out a mailer (see it at the link) to voters attacking Democratic state senate candidate Keith Humphrey, a former actor and screenwriter  now operating four aerospace-related companies in the Wichita area. TOP SECRET  There is A Lot Keith Humphrey  Doesn’t Want You to About His Past!…. What else is Keith Humphrey Hiding? What  Keith Humphrey doesn’t want you to know about his background …  or that his name hasn’t always been Humphrey”  What can Humphrey be hiding? . A string of drug Continue Reading →