Judy Ohles Kooistra – RIP

A few days ago we lost another good one.  Judy Ohles Kooistra, friend, blogger, and somebody who “got it.” passed away in Canton, Ohio after a hard fought battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Diagnosed in December 2007, Judy went into remission in December 2008. In early November this year, she learned the cancer had returned. On December 8  Judy went into hospice and died the same day.. Jenna Hatfield (Chronicles of Munchkinland) wrote this about her good friend and co-blogger  A Pause for Judy.  Judy has been a voice in the blogosphere for years. About adoption, about ethics, about books, about faith, about cancer, about life. I encourage you to pause today to read a bit of Judy, to say a prayer for both Judy and her family and to cover them all in your love today. and after her death:  Thank You Judy As with anyone who dies, there are things left unsaid. And so… Followed by a wonderful tribute of thanks. Judy is survived by her son Nate, husband Frank,  her mother, brother, sisters, and other family. A remembrance of Judy’s life will be held at the John Knox Presbyterian Church in North Canton on December 17.  Contributions Continue Reading →