Bombshell: A Hollywood Adoption Send-up

I’ve always loved Jean Harlow. and have taken it personally that she was taken from us at such young age. (2011 is the 100th anniversary of her birth).   Back in the day, her films, including PreCode supposedly not fit for children or Presbyterians,  were shown regularly on local television morning, noon and night.  Now they are only available on DVD and Turner Classic. Last week  in a battle of the blondes evening, TMC showed Bombshell.(1933) one of the films  I missed in that heyday of footloose TV or disappeared from my memory, but I can’t imagine how. I was really tired,  but forced myself to stay up and watch. What a treat! I don’t know for a fact, but I think Bombshell  is the first (at least full length) parody of Hollywood made by Hollywood. It  is certainly the first and as far as I know only  Hollywood send-up of Hollywood adoption.   Ostensibly , Bombshell is based on the life of  “It Girl” Clara Bow, but it is clearly “If Girl” Jean Harlow,  playing Jean Harlow under the stage name of Lola Burns..Platinum blond with matching wardrobe and bedroom, large white  fluffy people-pulling dogs, leeching  relatives  (Frank Morgan, Continue Reading →