Bastard Nation Action Alert: Indiana SB 91 – Oppose

All Indiana-born adoptees, over the age of 21 will be required to join the Indiana Adoption Medical History Registry to access “identifying information,” but no OBC would be released.. Those under 21, are required to have their adoptive parents join the registry. All biological parents listed on the obc must join the registry and submit proof that they are who is listed on the obc. Once joined, the biological parent has the option to sign a DV thatcan extend past death. Neither the DV nor the CPF/DV distinguishes between “identifying information” released. That means either the biological parent releases ALL of the “identifying information” (including being able to “inspect” the obc) or they release none. The CPF/DV is effective even if pre-adoptive siblings indicated, upon registration, that they want contact with each other and not with the biological parent. If either biological parent indicates that information may not be released, the State Registrar will not release any information. Continue Reading →