Indiana: Anonymous Medical Records – Not Rights

Excuse my impatience, but just give Hoosier Bastards their goddamned OBCs and be done with it! The  newest trick pony spinning  on the Indiana merry-go-round  is HB 1029 sponsored by freshman Rep. Sharon Engle (R-Attica).  The bill, if passed, according to the Lafayette Journal Courier,  would allow the relatives of adoptees and pre-adoptive siblings  access to birthparent medical histories. Current law permits adoptees birthparents, adoptive parents, relatives of an adoptive parent, state or country child and family services-related officials, adoption agencies, and courts to petition for the release of medical information.   (I have no idea why a court would have to petition  itself  to get the records.  Maybe it’s an Indiana thing ,A similar bill was stuck in committee last session. Here’s the synopsis of the bill taken from the Indiana Leg page.  Scroll down the bill page page and you’ll see the entire bill.  Notice that there is only a minimal change in current language. Synopsis: Adoption history information. Adds a relative of an adoptee and a pre-adoptive sibling to the list of interested persons who may obtain medical history information and file a petition with an appropriate court to request the release of medical information, nonidentifying information, or identifying information. Requires that a petition requesting release of medical, nonidentifying, or identifying information Continue Reading →