Maybe you’ve seen this. It’s making its way around adoption forums. But for those who have missed it, check out Rebecca Marina’s How to Get Your Baby Quicker. (Click before reading further!) This is not The Onion. This is serious stuff. This is about “visioning” the baybee YOU want.” Perhaps “visioning” a ’68 Mustang or a Mediterranean villa will substitute for those of us who wish to remain baybeeless. Or in the case of bastards, their obcs. If this were just about acquisional “visioning” I’d ignore it. Been there. Done that. But this site is weird. It sucks you in like an Orek infomercial. Especially “What About the Birthmother” where we are told: Remember this, your baby may come through another womb to get to you and your baby LOVES that womb and chose that women to bear them. it is important to bless and honor the womb that brings you your baby…your baby sure does…. The babies tell me it is vital that someone who is waiting for adoption release completely all judgment of the woman whatever her reasons are. MS REBECCA GIVES THE TERM ‘DUMB BASTARD’ A WHOLE NEW MEANINGDoes this mean that bastards are like those people Continue Reading →