Happy New Year 2011: Guy Lombardo Can Save Us

New Year’s Eve any year. eechhhh!!!!! Another year gone. Nothing accomplished. Things, in fact, have probably gotten worse. They did in 2010 and most certainly 2011 will be a nightmare. And all those people on drink and drugs tooting in the new year with screeching horns and ugly hats made in China. I spent several NYEs walking the neighborhood contemplating throwing myself into oncoming traffic. One of my few NYE respites occurred when the Russians were in residence. We’d throw Russian New Year’s feasts with black bread, blini, mushroom soup, beet salad, cheese, cold cuts, boiled potatoes, and ham. (The Russians did the cooking.) And lots of vodka and champagne and toasts with every round. We’d call our friends in St. Petersburg, 8 hours ahead of us, and scrape them off the floor. The only thing that can bring New Year’s Eve to its deserved glory is Guy Lombardo. Not that I was a huge fan of Guy Lombardo growing up, but when he died anything good about New Year’s Eve died with him. The great Lombardo was replaced with Dick Clark (with Ryan Seacrest and the vomitrocious Jenny MacCarthy), Carson Daley–and OMG, Megan Kelly on Fox– and a cheezy Continue Reading →