Well, I was finally finishing up my a A Child’s Waiting blog when shazzam! The whole thing disappeared. I’ll try to get it reconstructed and up in the next day or so. In the meantime, here’s a few thoughts on Forever Family. RELIGIOUS CULT 1 : Church of Bible Understanding (formerly ‘The Forever Family”): Founded by Stewart Traill 1971 as the Forever Family. Abusive (See below for sample activity) Sample Activity :Then one day, Barbara came to work with the bad news! Some one who didn’t like the group of communers- set the fellowship on fire while they were out witnessing! I was horrified and invited them to move into my house. My house was actually too small, but they told me that they found a big house and since they had no furniture etc, that perhaps I would consider moving in with them… was supposed to be getting married the following month, so I thought why not. I wanted to get my boyfriend saved and perhaps, by moving there, he would get saved. RELIGIOUS CULT 2 Mormon Church: The family is the fundamental unit of society and the primary setting in which children develop virtue. God has placed families Continue Reading →