Dimple Menezes has quickly become Bastardette’s favorite dumpee. According to today’s Times of India, Dimple is going for the jugular. Her lawyer S.P. Chopra says his client, in a separate action, plans to file criminal charges against the Singhs under the Indian penal code “which offers seven years imprisonment to parents if a new-born is abandoned and left to the mercy of the unknown.” Hungry dogs appear to qualify as a serious “unknown.” “She threw me away. She did not feed me. Did she hold me? And then after 12 years she came to me. How can there be any love?” Dimple said in a phone interview. “My mother dumped me because she did not want to pay dowry for me and then she came to hurt me again when I wanted to marry the man of my choice.” On the husband front, Mr. Menezes is currently working in Kuwait and can’t wait for this legal imbroglio to be over so he and Dimple can start over. “I want to end this pain…all this anger and move on in life.” The Singhs, not surprisingly, are not available for comment. Dimple’s suit, the first of its kind in India, is being Continue Reading →


Every adoptee who contemplates searching–or just accessing their own information–also contemplates what they may find. And that contemplation usually leads straight to disaster. What if my birthmother is..A fundamentalist? A Democrat? A stripper? A feminist? Hillary Clinton? Rosie O’Donnell? A social worker? A nun? What if she’s a grifter and gave away 7 others? What if she reads Harlequin romances or is Dick Cheney’s secretary? What if Dick Cheney is my birthfather? What if my birthfather wants to move in and sleep on my couch? What if he’s a rapist? A pimp? A junkie? A drunk? A priest? (That’s how he got together with my mother the nun). What if my birth family thinks Thomas Kincade is a great artist? Or pickets abortion clinics? Or are Scientologists?? Or keeps John Kerry signs in their yard year ’round? What if they wear polyester? What if they’re old hippies? Old rednecks? What if my grandparents were Nazi collaborators or belong to the Revolutionary Communist Party and can’t speak in coherent sentences? What if my sister breeds Pomeranians? Or my brothers guzzle beer every Sunday during NASCAR or cook meth in their trailer? What if they don’t like me? What if they like Continue Reading →