ILLINOIS: Feigenholtz Owns It! The website, that is.

Not that we’re surprised, but… WGIL-AM, Galesburg, Illinois has confirmed that the New Illinois Adoption, orphan webpage is being paid for by Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, sponsor of HB 5428, the bill that gutted the right of adult adopted folks there to obtain their own original birth certificates without jumping through more hoops than a hula hoop factory. On fire. We reported earlier (directly below this entry) that Feigenholz’s “assistant” Melisha Mitchell, owner of the search company White Oak Foundation and alleged author of the bill was listed by Whois as the domain owner. From WGAL: Website helps adopted adults with birth certificates: State Representative Sara Feigenholtz, sponsor of the bill, says she’s paying for the website herself, because she didn’t want the state budget mess to delay it from going up. There is certainly nothing illegal or unethical about them putting the information online. In fact, it’s sorta nice to have a one-stop place, written in their own words, to show how many ways the two have have screwed Illinois’ adopted class. What is problematic, though, is how the duo’s names are conspiculously absent from press releases and other media hype about the page. You’d think White Oak deputy Continue Reading →

ILLINOIS: Sun-Times Endorses Benedict Bastard Sara Feigenholtz

The Chicago Sun-Times came out with its endorsements the other day and gave a half-hearted high five to Sara Feigenholtz (new doo to the left), based in part on her “improvement” of the rights of adoptees. Read it for yourself: 12th: Incumbent Sara Feigenholtz has been a powerful voice in Springfield since 1995 for improved health care, human services and the rights of adoptees. In the race to represent this liberal North Side district, Feigenholtz faces a bright and promising young challenger in Dave Lenkowski, a moderate Republican and high school teacher. At a time of budget cuts, Feigenholtz’s advocacy for those in need is more important than ever, though Lenkowski is right to demand more fiscal discipline from veterans like Feigenholtz. Maybe the editorial board took Sneaky Sara’s word for it–that she “improved” the rights of adoptees–instead of checking to see what her new law really does: kill our rights. To ameliorate this error, we suggest the board go directly to the new website New Illinois Adoption aka New Illinois Adoption Law for, see for itself, and then rescind its endorsement. If you are not a member of the Sun-Times editorial board and are adopted, go directly Continue Reading →