New Jersey. When is OBC access not? What kind of right denies itself?

No copy of the agreement, if it actually exists in writing, has been published, so we have only news reports to go by. So far, it appears that all the state’s adoptees will be able to receive a copy of their original birth certificate; but some OBCs will be mutilated by state bureaucrats to make a few disgruntled birthparents emotionally comfortable. I haven’t heard if it is only the parent(s) name that will be blacked out (as per the new Ohio law) or if the original name of the adoptee or other information that could be deemed as “identifying” will go, too. This is nothing more than the old black-out/white-scheme that’s been around for decades and rejected repeatedly. Until now.. Continue Reading →

New Jersey: What is a Conditional Veto?

As expected, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed NJCare’s bad S799/A1399 bill; combined parts of the New Jersey Catholic Conference/ACLU, NJRT/Quigley S3672 badder bill, and submitted “recommendations” to create the baddest bill. Christie’s recommendation statement is here. While Bastardette is glad that Christie vetoed the bill, he’s on the road to creating an even bigger mess and maze for Jersey adoptees to travel. This new scheme, timed as it is, will make it more difficult than ever for the rights of all New Jersey bastards to be restored. I’m going to be away a good part of today, and won’t have time to analyze the changes; so I won’t have anything online until this weekend. I have A LOT to say! In the meantime, people have asked what a conditional veto actually means. Good question! The New Jersey legislature now has three options. (1) Affirm Christie’s recommendations making them law. (2) Override Christie’s veto and 799/1399 becomes law. There are not enough votes to do that. (3) Take no action; come back next year or when Christie is no longer in office and try again. Since Christie and the legislature overall want something “fixed” my bet is Option Continue Reading →