Bastard Nation submitted testimony to the Nebraska Judiciary Committee for inclusion in yesterday’s hearing. It’s is rather long, so instead of posting it all here, I am posting a portion of it The entire testimony can be found here. I hope to have it on the BN site soon. Section 1 of testimony: REPEAL IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO LB 157Bastard Nation calls for the immediate repeal of LB 157. We oppose LB 1 and LB 3 and any other bill that continues the “safe haven” concept of legal abandonment in the State of Nebraska. THE NORMALCY OF CHILD ABANDONMENTBN was the first organization to condemn “legalized” baby dumping as a public policy solution for newborn abandonment and neonaticide. We, along with many others in adoption reform, were initially incredulous that in the late 20th century baby abandonment would be promoted by the government. But with the 1999 passage of the Texas Baby Moses Law, and the interest evoked in other states for similar measures, we saw that the US was taking a backward turn in child welfare, which had struggled over the last 100 years to build a child-centered environment of rights, responsibility and education. Child abandonment, a heinous Continue Reading →