Tennessee Convolution: A Resource

Kansas, Alaska, Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Maine are the only states that recognize the right of all adopted persons, without exception, to receive their original birth certificates upon request. Deformers, however, attempting to foist their capitulation obc bills as the real deal, like to cook the books, adding other states, with conditional access to the list. They fail to mention those states are compromised and restrictive. To deformers, it appears, any state that offers some access, must be an open state. You can count on Tennessee to be at the top of their revisionist list. Around 1999, a couple years into the law, I received an email from a Tennessee bastard who refused to play along. In good faith he’d signed two or three affidavits and had been waiting 18 months to get his cert. Every time he inquired about his request, he’d get back more forms to sign. The last time I heard from him he said he’d decided to pay a searcher rather than continue to play ring around the bureaucrat. In 2000 I attended an adoption conference which featured the administrator of the Tennessee obc release program. She’d started the job only a couple day before Continue Reading →