BUSTED: Adoptive Parents Speak

NOTE: Formating is off a little due to the transfer from Blogger to WordPress. The other day, someone on the Adoption News and Events Facebook page found a interesting blog, Adoptive Parents Speak. No, it’s not one of those warm and cuddly aparent gagfests about Biff, Buffy and their pony in the suburbs waiting for a child. This is a cut-and-paste job of actual pap and adopter comments taken from forums, blogs, and websites. We’ve all run across these kinds of comments (and worse) while on our (WARNING: adoption industry term ahead) “adoption journey.” A pap, on alt.adoption who actually became a good friend after she got off Clomid, once declared unashamedly that she had “a Constitutional right to a baby.”Another alt.adoption regular liked to explain how adoptees tend to suffer from compulsion disorders since their “birthparemts” had a compulsion to take their pants off outside the bounds of holy matrimony–unlike chaste paps and adopters. Reading these comments individually from people you know, is, however, quite different from reading them in aggregate from people you don’t know. Obviously, the ‘net has incumbered people’s self-protection, privacy, and skills of logic–not to mention etiquette. Even the most venal adoption agent at Little Continue Reading →